Retrograde is a group of long time friends who all happen to share the same passions; cars and helping others. We all got together and created Retrograde on the foundation of building a better image for the automotive scene. Too many times auto enthusiasts, especially those who choose to modify their cars, have been looked down upon and viewed as hooligans, criminals or a lower class just because of the actions of a few bad seeds.

Our goal is to simply change that perspective by giving back to our community. We have helped organize a variety of fundraising car shows, meets and BBQ’s benefiting local school programs, Toys for Tots and other organizations we are passionate about. We have made it our mission to help out in whatever ways we can to give back to those in need and we will continue to make that our mission in the future.

Along with giving back to the community we also work very hard in bringing our own automotive community together through the shows, meets, BBQ’s and even drives we organize. We are a group of very open minded enthusiasts and appreciate all types of cars, old and new. The Retrograde name references how different we are from what has become the norm for so many years in the automotive community. For too long each group of enthusiasts have segregated themselves from each other and we’re here to go in a different direction, to bring people together, to give outsiders a different perspective of not only us but our cars that we build as well.

– The Retrograde Family

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